• IA Collaborative

    Innovative Design Award-winning IA Collaborative designed this spectacular interactive exhibit, bringing to life a new organizational strategy for their client in India. IA Collaborative contracted TenFab to manufacture six of the faceted metal frames and fabric skins. Senior leaders learned new strategies by interacting with the pillars and illuminating points of synergy.

  • Great Lakes

    The Chicago Architecture Foundation and Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, partnered with TenFab to showcase their exhibit, Great Cities, Great Lakes, Great Basin. The existing truss in the Motorola Building atrium was an integrated part of this unique, custom designed wall.

  • The Adler Planetarium

    Adler Planetarium "The Universe: A Walk through Space and Time" uses creative design to immerse their visitors into a story about the universe. Pictured is a long black wall that supports individual custom-shaped tensioned fabric screens, with changing images of the universe projected on them.

  • Illuminarc

    Iluminarc Exhibiting at the Lightfair International 2010, Iluminarc wanted an innovative way to incorporate their products within their booth. TenFab's design showcased their color changing LED products by including dimensional walls and an interior canopy for their recessed lighting fixtures.

  • Cambridge

    Cambridge Silversmiths LTD For the 2010 International Housewares show, the challenge was to make an entirely freestanding booth. The arches, signs and canopies are all tied together so that no hanging points are required. The frames have a diagonal truss built in to minimize deflection and add stability.

  • Kellogg's

    Kellogg’s TenFab’s LightSign™ illuminates the exhibit. The Kellogg’s logo is a 3D elliptical shape that is lit from inside. It is attached to a flat panel with nothing more than a few bolts. Designed with wire management in mind, all power for the lights runs through the flat panel to the floor.

  • AT&T

    AT&T This exhibit was particularly complex. TenFab was able to design a dome shaped canopy with stainless steel edges that included twinkling lights just beneath the fabric. The stars in the logo were lit one at a time.

  • Russian Helicopters

    Russian Helicopters This exhibit shows the maximum impact of the simple ring sign. Three closed bottom rings, at various sizes, give this booth the attention it deserves. Printed with the Russian Helicopters logo on the bottom, these rings help to give the booth a ceiling, while also highlighting the brand.

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